Fine Italian Food & Wine

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Food and wine are two of the oldest pleasures in life, and what better way to enjoy them than the Italian way?  Come visit with your whole family in our Leesburg, Virginia, Italian cafe and wine store located next to Blockbuster™ for a full meal dine-out or a light snack and try our wonderful selection of deli sandwiches, desserts, and wines. At RJ’s Deli & Store, LLC, we offer a wide variety of freshly made products. You can choose from our 8″ or 12″ sandwiches and personalize them with the toppings that you love.

Sample one of the café’s tasty deli sandwiches, such as the perennial customer’s favorite, Deli Sub. This hefty sub comes with Mortadella salami and provolone cheese and your choice of condiments (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions). On the other hand, the Italian Specialty Sub is your choice of Italian meats (Prosciutto, Sicilian Salami, Cappocola Salami, and Sopresotto) and cheese (Provolone, Swiss, Cheddar, and American) in wheat, white or rye bread. You even get additional toppings at no charge!